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Weekly Pool Service from Sparkle Pool

 We service every week your pool is open. A service professional will come out to your house on the same day each week at about the same time of day. We will test your pool water and add all the necessary chemicals to properly balance your pool. NO CHEMICALS ARE STORED ON YOUR PREMISES!

Service Includes:

  • Complete chemical treatment
  • Cleaning NOT included
  • Complete algae treatment
  • Our adding all the chemicals to keep your pool balanced — chemicals included
  • Complete testing of pool water
  • 100% pure chlorine
  • Highly skilled service personnel
  • Stabilizing of pool (5lbs. per year)

Our service is billed on a monthly basis and is $49.00 per week.

Spring Liner and Repair Special

 Want to save some $$$$? Free pool opening with spring liner installation, 10% off heaters, filters, motors, and more!! Call for details

Spring Liner and Repair Special
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